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What is MBus?

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M-Bus An abbreviation produced from the words Metering Bus. As the name implies, it is a standard developed for the communication of measuring devices. This standard is a standard used in the measurement of measurement devices such as Electricity, Hot water and Cold water, which are generally used at home. It is a communication protocol in accordance with TS EN 1434-3 standard.

M-Bus equipments can be powered by batteries as well as they can receive energy via cable. MBus counters collect the information they collect when questioned by a master converter. to master converter They transmission.

MBus equipment should not be questioned very often, especially when they are powered by batteries. The ideal query frequency is once a day, as each query generates an energy consumption.

If cable infrastructure is ready, counters can take their energy over cable. In this case, making inquiries more often will not be a problem.

MBus System SetupMBus Commissioning

In the wired M-Bus installation application, a pair of signal cables are installed and all MBus equipment is connected parallel to the cable (BUS). Devices connected with the MBus collector in the center receive the energy supply via cable. At the same time, counter information is transmitted to the central converter via cable.

This system, whose cabling cost is very low due to the use of bus topology, is especially suitable for apartments and sites.

MBus is a protocol that communicates serially over a pair of cables. If this structure is installed, it is possible to energize the meters remotely.

A maximum of 250 meters can be connected in an M-Bus segment.

Sample Installation Connection, M-Bus Wiring:

Mbus installation scheme