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ConverTech M-Bus Converter

What is M-Bus Converter?

M-Bus Converter; It is the unit that measures the consumption values and provides the reading of the calorimeter and meters with M-bus interface from a single center in places with central heating, central hot water usage and central cold water usage.

The word converter comes from the word convert in English and means to convert in Turkish. The converters collect the digital data we receive from the meters and remote reading systems it enables us to get the data by translating it into the programming language it can read.

All meters suitable for M-Bus in the project By installing M-Bus system can be read centrally, improves the quality of life of users and allows you to more flexibly observe the energy balance of the building.

M-Bus converter scheme

CT-250 Series M-Bus Converter Models

  • CT-250M Master Converter USB - RS 232
  • CT-250MR Master Repeater Converter USB - RS 232
  • CT-250M-E Master Converter USB - Ethernet
  • CT-250Modbus Master Converter USB - Ethernet

CT-250 Series M-Bus Converter Features

  1. Repetear feature allows multiple converters to be read from a single point
  2. Has Ethernet, USB, RS232 outputs
  3. It has a metal case and it is not affected by impact and heat.
  4. Short circuit and overcurrent protection
  5. Prevents damage to the device by closing the line output in case of a short circuit
  6. Eliminates panel usage thanks to direct wall mounting
  7. It is produced in accordance with TS EN 1434 and TS EN 13757-2 standards.
  8. Supports all M-Bus (EN-1434) compatible meters
  9. 32 Bit ARM Processor
  10. It is not affected by electrical noises with active software filtering
  11. Can be used with all M-Bus meter reading software with USB 2.0 VCP interface
  12. Self-diagnosis and warning feature
  13. 85-265V AC wide supply voltage range
  14. 36V constant M-BUS output voltage
  15. 500 mA max. output current
  16. Max. Supports 250 meters
  17. Provides practical use with wall mounted adapter
  18. There are 2 parallel M-Bus outputs for easy assembly

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