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DAF Energy Heat Interface Units (HIU)

What is a Heat Station?

The heat station is a multi-functional unit that is installed separately in each apartment in buildings heated by the central system, preparing the domestic hot water with the principle of sudden heating and controlling the heating system.

The flat heat station acts as an interface in the central heating system and becomes the energy center of that flat. The heat station does not produce energy, it transfers the energy from the central heat source to the apartment.

What are the Advantages of Heat Station?

  • Reducing investment costs
  • Reducing future operating costs
  • Minimizing maintenance costs
  • Improving the quality of heating
  • Improving domestic hot water supply
  • Increased control possibilities of feeding the apartment with domestic hot water and heating energy
  • Since there is no domestic hot water storage and is prepared when needed, the risk of “Legionella” disappears.

DAF Energy Heat Station Models

Thermotherm - Thermostatic Controlled Heat Stations

Thermostatic Controlled Heat Station

In thermostatic controlled heat stations, control is done depending on the temperature, that is, thermostatic. The system operates with domestic hot water priority. However, while domestic hot water consumption continues, the heating function is also partially maintained. The system basically consists of a thermostatic temperature controller and a heat exchanger. The sensing element of the thermostatic temperature controller is immersed in the heat exchanger.

When the domestic hot water consumption starts in the flat, the sensor element starts to cool and the thermostatic temperature controller opens. The hot water from the boiler is directed to the heat exchanger and starts to heat the domestic hot water. When the hot water consumption ends in the circle, the sensor element in the heat exchanger becomes hot and closes the heat exchanger circuit. The system remains closed until it cools down.

Hydrotherm - Hydraulically Controlled Heat Interface Unit

Hydraulically Controlled Heat Station

Hidrolik kontrollü ısı istasyonlarında kontrol hem hidrolik hem de termostatik olarak yapılır. Daire içerisinde kullanım sıcak suyu tüketimi başladığında hidrolik kontrolör ile tüketilen sıcak su ihtiyacıyla orantılı olarak eşanjöre giren kazan debisi ayarlanır. En yüksek sıcak su tüketimine ulaşıldığında ısıtma hattı tamamen kapanır ve KSS konfor koşulları her zaman en üst seviyede tutulur. Hidrolik oransal regülatör ile yardımcı enerjiye ihtiyaç kalmadan öncelikli ve yüksek konforlu kullanım sıcak suyu üretimi.

The domestic water can be adjusted to the desired temperature with the thermostatic temperature control valve. Here, the main task of the thermostatic valve is to prevent possible scalding risks and safety. When the consumption of hot water ends in the circle, the hydraulic controller stops feeding the water to the heat exchanger. Since control is provided according to the pressure difference, delays caused by thermostatic sensing cannot be experienced and the reactions are instant.

Indirect – Çift Eşanjörlü Isı İstasyonları

Double Heat Exchanger Heat Station

It is used to prepare the domestic hot water in the houses heated by the central system and to individualize the heating line as it turns off the apartment heating.

It acts as a pressure breaker in high-rise buildings, allowing the area reserved for zoning to be lifted.

In addition to the domestic hot water heat exchanger, it turns the apartment heating line into a closed circuit thanks to a second heat exchanger.

Closed circuit of the heating line provides benefit for system security.

External compensation can be made upon request.

Underfloor Heated Heat Stations

daf underfloor heating station

Underfloor Heating Lines generally operate in the range of 40 - 50 ° C. It should be given to the floor heating line by lowering the high temperature coming from the boiler. For this, there is a circulation pump on the floor heating return line and the temperature is lowered by making the mixture. The primary purpose of this pump is to pressurize relatively cool water from the return line and mix it into the hot water from the boiler.

While making this mixture, a thermostatic controller that provides temperature control is connected to the high temperature line from the boiler and the sensor element is immersed in the floor heating supply pipe. Thus, the temperature of the mixing water going to floor heating is kept constant at the set value. Another feature used in underfloor heating stations is that the desired temperature can be adjusted according to the information from the room thermostat, thanks to an auxiliary motor valve (actuator).

DAF Energy Sonicheat + M-Bus Ultrasonic Heat Meter

daf sonicheat meter calorimeter

The new ultrasonic calorimeter DAF SonicHeat + produced as a result of the combination of DAF Energy and Danfoss creates a new perspective in the calorimeter market.

  • DAF SonicHeat+, yeni nesil Cortex işlemcisi sayesinde yüksek performans ve düşük pil tüketimine sahip
  • DAFSonicHeat + with replaceable battery feature has the best accuracy range in its class according to EN 1434 Class 2.
  • DAF SonicHeat +, with a wide dynamic measurement range of Qp / Qi ratio of 100, offers the most real proportions in its class
  • Thanks to its patented body design, it is one of the lowest pressure loss values in its class.
  • The calculator is removable, making it a great fit for use in heat stations.
  • It has a long service life thanks to its design that is not affected by dirt, rust and corrosion.
  • It brings a new innovation to the market with its applications with Android and IOS infrastructure and the optical interface it has over the phone without the need for a computer for fast and easy service solutions.
  • With its large screen and easy menu content, all consumption values can be easily viewed and read.

DAF Energy Smart JS M-Bus Mechanical Water Meter

daf water meter

  • DAF Smart JS water meter is a compact meter designed to measure water consumption.
  • DAF Smart JS water meter are dry type and turbine meters. Dry type counters; Since the calculator does not come into contact with water, it provides higher precision measurement and long-lasting working quality.
  • Getting information from DAF Smart JS hot water and cold water meter; The measured values are taken by M-bus transmission system or RF - Radio frequency transmission system.
  • DAF Smart JS hot water and cold water meters are water meters that can be continuously monitored and informed at any time with the M-bus communication system.
  • DAF Smart JS su sayaçları yatay ve dikey konumlarda monte edilebilen sayaçlardır. Ekran-Hesaplama ünitesi 360 derece döndürülebilir ve uygun her pozisyona getirilebilir.

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